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Name: CNC High-speed Plate Drilling Machine
Ideal Drilling Machine for tube-sheets, baffle plates and flanges in petrochemical, boiler and air-condition industries, also for joint plates in construction, bridge, steel tower industries, etc.
Product features: 
1. Linear rolling guide, servo motor, ball screw are applied in the driving mechanism. Positioning accuracy and repeat accuracy are well qualified. X,Y linkage can be achieved. 
2. High-speed drilling head with converter motor. Servo motor is optional. High torque output ability. Straight line and circular arc interpolation is equipped. Tool library is equipped. 
3. Identify the CAD graphic files intelligently, and automatically convert into the processing program; Support off-line programming 
4. Other accessories: swarf removal conveyor, inter cooling system, automatic lubrication system, etc. 
6. Customized parameter is available. 
Model Parameter: 
 Name Item Value
Max.size of work-piece Length× Width 2000×2000mm
Max. thickness 250mm
Worktable Width of T slot 28mm
Drilling spindle Max. drilling diameter. Φ40mm(Carbide drill head)
Rotation speed of spindle(r/min) 30—3000r/min
Morse Taper BT50
Servo motor power of spindle 22kW
Longitudinal moving of gantry (X axis) Max. stroke of X axis 2000mm
Movement speed of X axis 0-10m/min
Servo motor power of X axis 2×3kW
Transverse movement of drilling head
 (Y axis)
Max. distance between two drilling heads of Y axis 2000mm
Movement speed of Y axis 0-10m/min
Servo motor power of Y axis 2×3kW

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